Technology: A Means, Not An End

We develop IoT solutions, with a focus on cooperative and decentralized architectures that increase our social and ecological awareness and empower individual action.



Our refined SDK allows deployment of firmware for any IoT device based on ESP MCUs without having to write any code!

The devices programed with our SDK will automatically have the following features:

  • WiFi connection to multiple access points

  • Sensors sample rate and noise filtering configured in real time

  • Real time sensors calibration

  • Data aquisition synchronization between devices

  • Offline data storage

  • OTA

  • Public key encryption

  • The generated code is written in C using the latest stable version of esp-idf to ensure maximum stability.

Frontend and backend

We also provide a platform to store data and manage the IoT devices with the relevant features:

  • Several views (map of installations, installation, sub-installation, device)

  • Several user access levels

  • BIM model upload

  • Devices placement on BIM model

  • Data processing using python

  • Dashboards for each view using the results of your defined python algorythms in different types of charts, gauges or alerts

  • Integration of third party IoT devices like Shelly

  • Auto detection of third party devices and any new device created with our SDK

Low power communication nodes

We provide low power devices configured with our backend and frontend that can act as nodes and synchronize data with a main server or between them


We provide full IoT development

  • PCB design and production

  • 3D design and printing

  • Monitoring/control platform costumization for any needs



Two electrical engineers met at university. They were deep into the matrix until one day they took the red pill.



Human evolution is only possible with collecting and sharing of information. We want to contribute to evolution, without sacrificing people's privacy. Data sources need to be secure and respect privacy whilst easily accessible to everyone.



With low power devices, create decentralized and self-sustained networks that will produce and store information to improve society's efficiency.